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Welcome to our newly edited Website with new management where you can even purchase fresh flowers or plants for your cared ones.  You can find all the information related to Derek Garden Centre from history of over 100 years till today’s service we offer to the public.  We are proud of our team who offer you quality products with great service.

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I set up the Derek Garden Centre in 1988. The building which hosts the Garden Centre was actually a hunting lodge used by the Knights of Malta. It belonged to my family. I have always been intrigued by plants and trees and decided to convert the palazzo into a garden Centre. I invested my time with great care and transformed the palazzo into a shop and offices, refurbished the garden and started importing plants and trees for our landscaping projects.


Abandoned fields were transformed into a lovely garden with seating and paved areas. Part of these gardens were then allocated to the cactus collection which my uncle planted in years ago. A pleasant landscape was formed without removing the character of the over 300 years old hunting lodge. Trucks of soil were added to ensure enough depth of soil which is required for trees to grow. A new irrigation system was installed throughout and areas were paved using local stone so as not to remove its original state. This was one of the first landscaping projects by Derek Garden Centre and it promised well!


Nowadays Mr Melosaul Balzan considered as one of the experts in the field of gardening over the island. He often contributes to local newspapers and magazines with articles on how to take care of seasonal plants, advice on landscaping and solving common gardening problems.



My first TV programme was on TVM in December 1990 where we discussed care and maintenance on Poinsettias. Nowadays I participate in TV programme " Fil-Gnien ma'Melo" sharing my experience I collected over many years on how to prune trees and shrubs, how to feed and water correctly and how to transform your garden into your home paradise. To see the programs you can click here


You are invited to visit and enjoy our cactus collection anytime during our opening hours.

I look forward to seeing you at my premises.


Melosaul Balzan

The director,

Derek Garden Centre