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We try to educate our customers with the knowledge we have and so we participate in TV programme, we write an article about how to begin a garden and take care of it and how to plant seeds and so on…

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Television Programmes

Now we have a TV programme "Fil-Gnien ma'Melo" dedicated to plants and gardening. By visiting villas, public gardens, hotels and houses which have gardens, Melosaul Balzan will be giving hints and tips in how to look into alternative ways to make the most of your garden and also diagnose the problems with your plants and follow the recommended solutions to treat them to find which pests and diseases are likely to affect which plants.

Whether you're a beginner looking for some gardening know how or an experienced gardener wanting inspiration, Melo, the expert will help you to get started.

Fil-Gnien ma'Melo is airing on TVM every Monday evening at 22.30hrs and repeat on Wednesday at 09.00hrs. On TVM2 Monday at 10.30hrs Saturday at 12.30hrs.


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