About us

About us

Welcome to Derek Garden Centre!

Derek Garden Centre was established in 1988 by Mr.Melosaul Balzan.
The garden centre which is based in Qormi was previously used as a hunting lodge belonging to the Knights of Malta. Mr. Balzan's interest in plants and trees led him to convert the palazzo into a garden. Great precision and care was taken to transform parts of the palazzo into a shop, offices and gardens whilst retaining many of the original features belonging to the beautiful property. The surrounding abandoned fields were transformed into a lovely garden with seating and paved areas. A part of our garden boasts a large cactus collection planted from seeds by Mr. Balzan's uncle many years ago. To date, it is the largest cactus collection in Malta and the 4th in Europe. One can come and admire our cactus museum to see the only free standing collection in Europe.

We take great pride in sourcing a wide range of gardening supplies, plants, gifts, fresh flowers and more.

We also offer services such as landscaping, civil works, garden maintenance and vertical gardens.

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The Director's Message

I set up the Derek Garden Centre in 1988. The building which hosts the garden centre was actually a hunting lodge used by the Knights of Malta belonging to my family. I have always been intrigued by plants and trees and decided to convert the palazzo into a garden.

I invested my time with great care and transformed the palazzo into a shop and offices, refurbished the garden and started importing plants and trees for our landscaping projects.

The abandoned fields were transformed into a lovely garden with seating and paved areas. Part of these gardens were then allocated to the cactus collection which my uncle planted many  years ago.You are invited to visit and enjoy our cactus collection anytime during our opening hours.I look forward to seeing you at our premises.

Melosaul Balzan
The Director,
Derek Garden Centre

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We are focused on being as environmentally friendly as possible. Our natural environment is at the heart of our business.

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We do our best to get back to you in the shortest time possible.

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You can trust that our landscapers are some of the most talented and reliable in the industry. Our machinery and tools are top of the range.

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We're proud to offer landscaping ideas, fit for any budget.