Civil Works

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At Derek Garden, we not only specialize in designing and maintaining stunning landscapes but also offer a wide range of civil works services to complement your landscaping project. Our highly skilled team is prepared to undertake a variety of tasks ranging from land preparation to the construction of support structures, ensuring a solid foundation for the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

From land levelling and obstacle removal to the construction of retaining walls, stairs, terraces planter, and outdoor living areas, our civil works services cover all construction needs for your landscape. Additionally, we can install irrigation systems, create water features such as pools or ponds, and pave pathways and patios to complete your vision of a perfect outdoor space.

Trust Derek Garden to provide you with comprehensive solutions that transform your landscape into an oasis of beauty and functionality.

Contact us today to discuss your civil works needs and discover how we can bring your vision of a perfect landscape to life!

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