Valletta Infiorata 2022

Valletta Infiorata 2022

We're proud to have been entrusted with this year's Infiorata Festival which took place in Valletta.

The event forms part of the Malta Green Festival which sees the celebration of Spring all over our beautiful capital city. Our design for this year was that of the Painted Frog. This frog is the only amphibian we have in Malta. By protecting and nurturing our natural habitats, we can ensure that this species continues to thrive for future generations to enjoy.

A total of 50,000 plants were used to create the design, 18,000 of which where herbs such as parsley and myrtle. The set up took approximately 3 days to finish and was enjoyed by hundreds of locals and tourists alike, visiting our capital city during the start of May.

A special thank you goes to our partners Living Walls. Also Valletta Cultural Agency and Jason Micallef for creating and entrusting us with such events!

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